Gamuso Comedy Show

New open mic at one of our favourite Tokyo venues – Gamuso Asagaya.

Open mic comedy in English for beginners to pros. 4 minutes each. Free entry for all, cheap drinks. 7.45pm to sign up, show starts at 8pm. Finishes around 10pm but maybe earlier, maybe later. ABSOLUTELY ALL GENDERS, RACES, NATIONALITIES, STYLES RELIGIONS POLITICAL VIEWS ACCEPTED. Only 2 main things; you use English for dialogue, and it should be funny. We cannot he held responsible for performers who are offensive and unfunny. This is open mic.

See you on Tuesday!

Gamuso Live

GAMUSO LIVE in December🎸
The last show this year.
Don’t miss it😎

19:00 open
①19:30~20:00 Rock & Roll Patrol

②20:10~20:40 Takashi Umemiya & The Comrades

③20:50~21:20 Cambur

④21:30~22:00 Salmon Sperm Sparx

⑤22:10〜23:00 Tramston Valley

charge: ¥1000